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In this part you will can see XBRL Academic Projects.


XBRL University Projects

Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, Colombia

Project leaders:

  • Prof. Dr. Eduardo Carrillo
  • Prof. Dr. Fernando Chaparro


Prototype: XBRL Prototype

More: Projects

California State University, USA

More: XBRL Demos and resources

Emporia State University, USA

Project leaders:

  • Prof. Dr. William Remington
  • Prof. Dr. Zane Swanson
  • Prof. Dr. M. George Durler

More: Continuous auditing with XBRL

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Project leader: Prof. Vincent Ng

More: ITRC: Adopting XBRL for Income Tax Reporting of Foreign Investment Enterprise in China

Userid: xbrl Password: xbrl

Indiana University, USA

Project leader: Prof. Professor David Greene

More: Credit Analyzer: dynamic financial analysis software tool

ID: admin PASSWORD: xbrlpass

National University of Rosario, Argentina

Project leaders: Prof. Daniel Diaz, Jose Luis Pellegrini

Description: XBRL projects with BPEL, XBRL GL and web services

To access the project:

User: SAUM Password: xbrl2003


Trinity University, USA

More: XBRL video

University of Huelva, Spain

Project leader: Enrique Bonsón

Description: Financial Statement Analysis under IFRS and Corporate Social Responsibility, using XBRL


University of Oviedo, Spain

Project leader: Prof. Dr Javier De Andrés Suárez

Description: Web services for analysis of financial information reported and in XBRL format


University of Sao Paulo - USP, Brazil

Project leader: Prof.Dr.Edson Luiz Riccio.

Description: XBRL Projects in Brazil.

More: Research Lab in Technology and Information Systems Management

University of Trento, Italy

Project leader: Prof. Luca Erzegovesi

Description: A module of our Smefin project deals with using XBRL in order to improve financial analysis and reporting among small businesses. In particular, the project will verify the possibility of applying XBRL for the exchange of data for the analysis of credit-worthiness, the evaluation of partners, and the consolidation of data within groupings of companies of various kinds.

Taxonomy: The project group has contributed to developing a domestic taxonomy, named GAAP-Italia, based on national accounting standards. This project is coordinated by Infocamere, the IT company of Italian Chambers of Commerce and the manager of the Official Business Register in Italy. The taxonomy will be submitted to the newly formed Italian XBRL Association.

Prototype: A demo site will be activated in 1Q 2007

More: Smefin project site (in Italian)

Using XBRL and Quantrix Modeler to Analyze Financial Statements a paper by Luca Erzegovesi

University of Valencia, Spain

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Gregorio Martin

Description: Comparative study of existing XBRL validators

More: XBRL validators comparative study

Research for transparency in enterprise management using XBRL-XML

Description: U. of Valencia is promoting a research line that it tries to contribute to improvement of transparency in enterprise management using XBRL-XML.

More: Red LEXML

Private Organizations Projects

IFRS-GP Taxonomy Viewer

Description: This project includes an automated generation of IFRS-GP Taxonomy, documentation in HTML. The taxonomy viewer provides several views on the XML schemas and linkbases. In addition, it provides statistical information about the taxonomy e.g. total number of concepts, items, tuples etc.


EdgarScan Query Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers

Online resource available at:

Books and other bibliographical resources

KPMG'S XBRL Online demo

More: XBRL Instance and Taxonomy documents

PricewaterhouseCoopers's EdgarScan XBRL Query Services

Online resource available at:

Recommended Books


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